Travel Tips For 20-Somethings

Travel Tips For 20-Somethings

Many times, Braden (my beau) and I have been asked how in the world we travel as often as we do. “You guys are in your mid-twenties and have full-time careers.”

Many times, Braden (my beau) and I have been asked how in the world we travel as often as we do. “You guys are in your mid-twenties and have full-time careers.” 

Traveling is a blessing in disguise, and it is imperative that people of all ages fully appreciate and utilize it. It is a revival of your soul and your freedom. It wakes your inner being. For couples, it is a true testament to your relationship’s survival. Imagine you and your significant other lost in a foreign country. How do you handle it? It is problem-solving in its truest form. It makes you realize your dearest blessings, miss those closest to you, and draws attention to what you should be ever so grateful for. It brings an energy and creative side to you. Travel often, get lost.

So how do we do it? 

The first rule Braden and I have is to travel on weekends. Of course, this may seem like a waste of time and money for most people, but some of our most treasured trips have been 48 hours. I come back feeling fresh and knowledgeable with an unknown surrounding I knew nothing of before. We experienced new things with each other. Take these trips. Of course, it is a no-brainer you should be smart about it. Do not travel 8 hours away, but drive or fly 4 hours. Be somewhere new that same night because it is fantastic. Wake up early, extend your days, fit it all in. We pack our days with breakfast, activity, lunch, activity, dinner, nightcap.

Frequent Flyer Miles. If you have a credit card and are not collecting frequent flyer miles, you are wasting money! Braden and I have booked countless trips through miles alone. Southwest is our personal favorite as they give you 50,000 just for signing up. That is a round-trip ticket for one, maybe even 2 people! Other credit card companies offer these deals as well. It is a must do for any traveler.

Hostels or cheap stays. I can’t lie, Braden and I enjoy the ritzy-ness of a nice hotel stay and sometimes we spend a boatload just to do so. However, if you are doing a quick getaway or an adventure of a lifetime, why stay in the top of the line when you can actually stay in a very decent hotel for a third of the price. Do your research folks! Hostels are everywhere and they aren’t too shabby! Plus, if you are like us, you want to meet and learn about new people.  

So pack lightly, book miles, stay cheap! Expedia and Yelp are very helpful, and along with my personal recommendations you will be set to sail!

I hope this is just the beginning for some of my followers to learn how to experience the world of travel.



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