The Big City

The Big City

Many people are drawn to move to New York City for different reasons. The majority of people I’ve spoken to have come here for the excitement and prospect of change.

Many people are drawn to move to New York City for different reasons. The majority of people I’ve spoken to have come here for the excitement and prospect of change. Growing up in Connecticut, I used to go to the movies with my parents, and a lot of the movies took place in New York City, so now that I reside here, I feel really privileged.

What is it about New York City that makes it so appealing? It’s a multi-cultural place that encourages you to let your true colors shine. Making a fashion statement is common in New York. Everyone seems to have their own unique style, and it is embraced in this culture.

Out of all the other cities in America, I think New York City outdoes them when it comes to having fun things to do. You’ve got Broadway shows, Central Park, Union Square, museums, tons of great stores to shop at, a large variety of great restaurants, and my personal favorites, lots of coffee shops.

I moved to SoHo 8 months ago, and I’m always finding interesting things to do there. I live near Union Square, which is a historic intersection, and there is a beautiful park in the center to sit on a bench and relax with a good book or catch up with an old friend.

I’ve discovered some great restaurants and coffee shops. Amongst my personal favorite coffee spots are Think Coffee, La Colombe, and The Bean.

I usually wake up, have my coffee, take a yoga class at Yoga to the People, which is a donation-based yoga studio here in the city, and roam around the city window shopping and hanging out with friends.

The other great thing about New York City is that not everything requires you to pull your wallet out. Street performers come out and put on an entertaining performance for crowds including impressive stunts and dance moves, providing the kind of quality entertainment you’d only get in the Big Apple.

You can always take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry that travels from Staten Island to Manhattan and back and provides a great view of the Statue of Liberty. What a perfect activity to do with your partner, or by yourself, to be out on the water at absolutely no cost to you.

Want to connect with other people for little to no cost? Check out It’s a website that connects people with similar interests, and many of the events are free of cost. Some people are apprehensive about meeting people on the internet, but I have gone to a few meetups including a holistic meetup at Whole Foods, a group called Women Living Brightly in NYC, a meditation group, and yoga on the beach, and have met some pretty cool people. I am constantly getting notifications on my phone about new meetups, and I look forward to trying new things, especially now that it’s getting warm.

When I first moved to New York City, I wondered if I’d ever see a celebrity since it’s such a famous place. I hadn’t seen one for the first 8 months that I was here and then, unexpectedly, last week, I saw Will Smith filming a movie in my neighborhood, and I got to give him a hug. That made me so happy.

If you’re in New York City, be ready for anything. The big city is bursting with life and opportunities, and you never know what could happen to you.

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