Why The Term “Plus-Size” Doesn’t Bother Me

Why The Term “Plus-Size” Doesn’t Bother Me

Yes, I’m the large girl who orders a Big Mac (no meat, I’m vegetarian) and fries with a DIET Coke. No, I’m not looking to save calories; I just prefer the taste of diet over regular.

Yes, I’m the large girl who orders a Big Mac (no meat, I’m vegetarian) and fries with a DIET Coke. No, I’m not looking to save calories; I just prefer the taste of diet over regular.

When I go out, I’m looked at, and not in a cat call way but in a “Holy Crap! She’s BIG!” way – and that’s okay. I AM big, but I’m not unhealthy. I can prove it: I just had blood work done if you’d like to see my numbers.

Back in the day (I promised myself I’d never say those words and here I am), having meat on your bones was considered sexy. Would Marilyn Monroe be considered plus-size? She’s an icon!

So many thin women in the spotlight are considered plus-size with today’s standards but there’s such a thing called evolution. The charts in which these standards are held are so antiquated, they were probably used by my great-great-grandmother.

Everything in the world is changing, so why not the standards in which we see women? If you’re a man (or woman) and your type is skinny, then go for it. But I’m not going to be ashamed of how I look based on YOUR preference. It’s like me being upset that a man is gay because he will never find me attractive; who cares?

The only person women should be catering to are themselves. I am completely aware that obesity is a problem in our country and that there are health issues surrounding it. What about the health issues that go along with an UNDERweight person? Those are NEVER spoken about because we hold these svelte gods and goddesses on a pedestal made of french fries dipped in gold; we’ll never be these other people because we are US. I am ME. You are YOU. And That’s OKAY!

I suffer from depression, but I am not DEPRESSION. I am large, but I do not call myself PLUS-SIZE. You are not defined by the body you have. You are defined by how you use it.

The sadness that comes with being overweight is sometimes chemical (yes, I know: SCIENCE) but also comes from how we perceive ourselves, which is how the world perceives us.

We hate our fat bodies because the world does. Again, that’s like hating the color red because some random dude on the subway hates it; you do you.

We are given one body in this life (at this time. I can’t speak for what those crazy inventors have up their sleeves), and we are meant to work on it, love it, and cherish it. We are not supposed to destroy it with hate.

To be the devil’s advocate (unhappily so), I will say what the haters will: “You’re destroying your body by continuing to eat fatty foods, etc. and now we have to pay more to cover your medical expenses.” Does anybody else hear the wahmbulance?

Anyone who mocks another person, for whatever reason, whether it be weight-related or else, is doing so because they themselves are unhappy. Misery loves company; don’t let them pull you into their pity party!

So, yes. I am a plus-size woman. That means I shop at different stores and pay a little more for the 2 inches of extra fabric they use to make my over-sized shirt. That’s okay!

Keep in mind that being obese or overweight or “plus-size” can be caused by so many different reasons, some of them medical that we can’t control nor can medicine treat.

Before you jump on the “Hey, you’re a fatty!” bandwagon, stop and think about yourself and your shortcomings. No one is perfect and NO ONE deserves to be on a pedestal. Except maybe Jon Hamm because he is SO damn fine.

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  1. You go girl! You are so freaking funny and inspiring!!!!!!-tiffany

  2. Brieanna Fernandez

    Amen to ordering diet coke because it tastes better not because of calorie intake! Love it!