Struggling For Workout Motivation? Here’s 10 Daily Tips And Tricks

Struggling For Workout Motivation? Here’s 10 Daily Tips And Tricks

Exercise is important to be a healthy person. No matter how thin, thick, overweight, or indifferent – or how healthy your diet may be, getting your heart rate going is not only physically healthy but mentally beneficial. I know for many of us, getting motivated to workout is the hardest part of the entire process. After a long day of work, even getting your gym clothes on can be too much effort. So here are 10 ways to get motivated to be your healthiest self.

  1. Treat working out like it’s your job

Our jobs are important to us, so much that we put all our effort into them to get our best results or sometimes to a specific standard, and even when we don’t feel like it, we do the work anyway. It’s a priority. You can even get paid to work out! There’s an app (called Pact) that pays you if you continuously stick to your schedule and reach your goal.

  1. Trick yourself

This might be a little tough for us mentally difficult and extremely unmotivated people, but it seriously works! If you plan on running one mile, or two, do just that, except change your route so you’re running two miles away and have to run the two miles back! Even if you don’t think you’re physically fit enough to do the total 4, walking is still a beneficial workout!

  1. Reward yourself

If you have pounds to shed or no weight to lose yet have an unhealthy diet, working out burns those bad fatty cals that we may be munching on during the day. So, for the calories you burn, reward yourself with something you love that might not be so healthy. No, this doesn’t defeat the purpose. For many people, this is the purpose! I know for me, I work out so I can eat those (few) unhealthy things. If you’re on a diet and eating healthy all day, which is already helping to lose weight, rewarding yourself with that favorite not so healthy item will do no harm.

  1. Buy cute workout gear

I know for me that if I buy any type of new clothes, I’m so excited to wear them. This goes for gym gear as well! There’s nothing like feeling sexy and confident in the gym, which is exactly what a good gym outfit does. Check out places like Fabletics, and on the more affordable side, Forever 21 has some totally chic pieces as well!

  1. Place motivation in normal places

When you wake up in the morning and look in your bathroom mirror, have a sticky note stuck to it reminding you of your goals. I put a picture of model Alexis Ren as my phone’s lock screen background to remind myself of what I am striving for and to give me that extra motivation. This is a good thing to do, but don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations and goals. Alexis Ren isn’t my goal body. My body will never change and is different from everyone else’s, which is something we all have to come to terms with and accept. But she is a healthy thin and has a beautifully toned body that she herself works hard on, and if that’s not a goal, then I’m not sure what is!   

  1. Remind yourself of the healthy benefits

It not only helps to monitor your weight but gives you a mood boost while reducing stress, helps prevent and fight diseases, improves brain performance and so much more. It actually gives you energy while at the same time develops better sleep! Unexpected, right? There are so many amazing benefits to working out, why wouldn’t you want to?!

  1. Sign up for scheduled classes

#1 you’re paying for it, so you won’t want to waste your money on a class you aren’t going to. #2 it’s scheduled, so if a day comes and you don’t feel like working out that day but class is scheduled, it’s getting you to do it.

  1. Challenge yourself, even in the smallest ways

Push yourself. Encourage and coach yourself. Set weekly goals. This week, you do 3 sets of 15 squats, next week, do 20, the week after, do 15 and add some weights. Run 2 miles a day for as many days as you can, and when it starts to get easier, 3.

  1. Work out with someone

Not only will they be good encouragement and motivation, but when a day comes and you just don’t feel like it, you will already have it as an obligated commitment to someone else. And compete with them. It’s motivation and will make you work harder.

  1. Stay positive and always reinforce it

Before your workout and during, constantly encourage yourself to put your best possible effort in, and remind yourself what your body means to you. A healthy body is a healthy future, and a fit body is confidence.

Remember, working out should not only be a healthy choice, but a fun one! The result of a workout is beyond beneficial and leaves you feeling absolutely amazing. No matter the time of day or what your plans may be, your health and happiness should always be your number one priority, and therefore there’s no excuse not to make time!


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  1. i just got a new workout shirt today and i agree that what you wear totally influences how you feel when your working out. I dont really like forever 21’s workout stuff but to each his own.i’ve had good luck with marshalls,and tj max for workout clothes and water bottles.