Secrets to Success

Secrets to Success

The pressure to secure a full-time job prior to graduation can be overwhelming for the majority of millennials. Many students are not fully utilizing the resources and networking platforms available to them.

The pressure to secure a full-time job prior to graduation can be overwhelming for the majority of millennials.   Many students are not fully utilizing the resources and networking platforms available to them.  Below are a few methods I found to be most effective:


By clicking Jobs Advanced Search you can filter by location, function, industry, and level of experience to generate the best matches for you.  

A great way to utilize your network is through alumni at your university who have already been through this process.  By clicking Network Find Alumni you can filter through former students by location, field, and company.  Not only will this give you exposure to companies you may have never heard of, it allows you to directly contact alumni who can share their experiences, explain their current role/responsibilities, inform you of current openings, and even refer you to their company.

Lastly, LinkedIn provides plenty of “groups” where users can request membership for free.  These groups allow you to connect and interact with other professionals who share the same interests as you.  

I have used all of these methods and found them to be extremely successful. I currently work for an amazing company that I discovered by applying through LinkedIn!

Take advantage of your university’s Career Services Center  

Career fairs are a great opportunity to directly hand a physical copy of your resume to company representatives and ask for a business card.   Once given a business card, you now have a direct contact to that company.  Do NOT throw these away!  Take advantage of mock interviews, resume critiques, LinkedIn workshops, and everything else your university has to offer.  


Your resume is the golden ticket for getting that first round interview.  Keep it short and to the point.  At this stage in your life, one page will suffice.  DO include GPA, major, minor, athletics, academic achievements, recognitions & awards, internship experience, contact information, volunteer work, club associations, languages, abroad experiences, and skill sets in your resume.  If you have enough relevant internship experience, it’s time for your high school job to be deleted off your professional resume.  

Applying for jobs through a company website is bound to lead you nowhere.  If there is a certain company you have always dreamed of working for, do everything possible to get your foot in the door.  A few ways you can do this are by finding and reaching out to the recruiter/human resource contact through LinkedIn, research and attend networking events the company is holding, or use your career services center to help find a contact for you.  

Be prepared

Do your research before an interview, be able to explain what the company does and know the responsibilities and qualifications of the position you are interviewing for.  Carry a portfolio with you that contains a notepad, at least five copies of your resume, and a nice pen.  DRESS LIKE A PROFESSIONAL! I cannot stress this enough, first impressions are everything in a first round interview.  There are plenty of students competing for the same position as you—make an effort to stand out.    

Be able to translate how your experiences throughout college and life make you a great candidate for this position and how you can contribute to this team.   Be sure to provide clear examples of experiences that directly relate to the job description.  These examples can be derived from internship experience, study abroad/cultural/travel experiences, group projects, individual work, case studies, financial analyses, athletics, leadership roles and so on.

You can make or break an interview by the questions you ask.  By not asking any questions, there is a very high chance you will come off as uninterested and not be considered any further.  Be prepared with relevant questions that will not only give you more insight into your responsibilities, but will give you a better understanding of the firm culture, work environment, flexibility, hours, opportunities for advancement, salary expectation, etc.  Not only do you want to be hired, you need to ensure that this company is a good fit for you.  Do not accept a job solely because you received an offer.  Yes, it is exciting, but it is also a huge deal and you need to feel confident that this is a step in the right direction for your career.  

Once you secure a positon at a company, you will soon learn that a 9-5 job does not exist and that you need to put in extra work to be recognized as a new hire.  One way to avoid being overshadowed is by getting more involved.  A great way to do this is to stay connected with your co-workers by grabbing lunch or coffee with them when they fly into town.  Take initiative on helping plan events, join club committees, and make an effort to attend after work happy hours and dinners.  These are the people you communicate with 50+ hours a week and it is important to form a solid relationship with them to create a healthy work environment.

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