ParvaneI’m Parvané Barret, half French, half Persian, and I am currently living in Dubai, U.A.E. I am a 15 year old blogger, who aspires to have a major role within the fashion industry, preferably a blogger or a designer. From a young age, I had always wanted my future job to have artistic relations. Aspiring to work in fashion was never one my first choices- believe it or not I saw being a fashion designer as a very overrated job to have !

It was only about 2 years ago I decided that I would work in the fashion industry in my future years. I remember thinking about all of the different jobs in my mind: a chef, teacher, author, artist, singer, photographer… Back and forth I went with the swapping and the changing. Until one day, I was busy shopping with my mother, and there came a spark. Why not work into fashion ?

I was 13 at the time, and thought that it was a relatively good idea. In order to pursue my fashion dreams, I created my first blog on Instagram, and used a vast range of usernames such as: parvb4, parvb, parvanebarret, etc… until “parvbar” came along, and I guess that it worked quite well. (Scroll down the page, and give it a follow and a few likes !)

Now today, in 2016, my blog is running pretty well, and I try my best to post as much pictures as I can. As I am still in school, it often becomes hard for me to post pictures, since homework and school always comes first. I have now created this online blog, State of Style, which will be very similar to my Instagram blog.