Get Your Meditation On

Get Your Meditation On

Meditation is a hidden gem. There are a lot of clichéd ideas out there about Ghandi sitting criss-cross applesauce with his fingers in weird positions and humming…

Meditation is a hidden gem. There are a lot of clichéd ideas out there about Ghandi sitting criss-cross applesauce with his fingers in weird positions and humming… I mean, in all honesty, when I thought meditation, that’s what came to mind for me. When you google meditation, those are the images that come up, but in all honesty, that is not at all what it has to be and can be practiced many different ways – and has so many amazing benefits, besides just feeling relaxed and amazing after!

Meditation is clearing and silencing the mind, relaxing, finding a sense of peace, all while still being alert and aware of your body. It is said to help alleviate health issues by increasing immunity. It relieves stress, improves sleep, increases happiness and attention span, reduces aging, and even improves your metabolism. All of these are amazing benefits and reasons to meditate.  

This past winter, after a few days from hell, I incorporated time into my daily activities to meditate. It had been just a few days after the winter holidays, and I was back into reality. No more family, food, presents, late nights watching movies. Just as my week started, so did a snowstorm, and let me tell you, I’m a firm hater of snow. My gym-obsessed boyfriend decided to take my car, which was an SUV, to the gym during it and got stuck in a muddy snow-filled trench. Luckily, there was no damage to either of them, and it was removed and brought home, but then he left the battery on overnight and the jumper cables wouldn’t work to start it. What are the chances, right? To make matters worse, in the short distance from the kitchen to the car, I lost my phone. I later found it under a pile of snow and ice.

After those stressful, frustrating few days, I was able to find a lot relief in meditation. After seeing numerous articles on it and reading people’s posts about it, I looked up the benefits online but never knew exactly how to do it. After seeing a small description about a meditation App called Headspace in InStyle, I downloaded it and gave it a try.

It gives you a 10-minute session per day that vocally guides you to a perfect balance of calm relaxing “headspace” and teaches you all the right, wrong, and normal feelings and ways of meditation. It’s free to download, and the first group of 10-minute sessions are basically like a free trial, and if you like the app, you can pay to get the full benefits of its art in meditation (which I strongly recommend!) I finally knew what I was doing (and only two sessions later still feel a bit confused) but the app is just so comforting and answers every question you could imagine.

Here’s some more information and even some short videos that you can check out to find out some more info on Headspace!

There are also many other apps out there for practicing meditation, like Stop, Breathe & Think, Simply Being – Guided Meditation and Relaxation, Meditation Studio, and Calm: meditate, relax, breathe & enjoy simple guided mindfulness. These can all be found in the app store, and all have thousands of reviews and full 5 stars. So if you’re looking to meditate and don’t quite know how, they’re there to help! YouTube even has some great videos as well. While meditation might be hard to get your mind around and might be a little difficult at first, even one session can leave a great impact, and is definitely worth it! See what you’re missing out on, and get your meditation on.

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