How To Enjoy Your College Years

How To Enjoy Your College Years

So, you’re a young soul living in this wild capitalistic world, and life stages are named: school, college, career, ? (…grave). Let’s chill, there are many ways to enjoy your young adult years.

So, you’re a young soul living in this wild capitalistic world, and life stages are named: school, college, career, ? (…grave). Let’s chill, there are many ways to enjoy your young adult years. Some people’s ugly comments have frightened you, telling you that doing everything you want is impossible. And that is a lie. YES, you can. Forget the excuses, and defy the routine.

Good Grades

There are two rounds of exams each semester. Of course, it’s not recommended to procrastinate until the last day to study. After class, study a little bit – every day. Be determined and concentrate. Switch off the TV, put away your phone, and get your butt on the chair. Motivate yourself to study. If you do it today, you know you will have the weekend free of responsibilities. You can also reward yourself – after homework comes dinner and socializing (even if it’s just online). This way, you won’t feel any guilt or pressure on your free days, and when exam time arrives you’ll just have to review what you’ve already studied. 

Social Life

You have that image in your head from movies when they go to college, join a secret society, and party all day (and snog with the football team’s hottie). But in reality…it’s way better than that. If you find a balance between work and play, you can have lots of fun with no problem. On the breaks between classes, have a coffee with your classmates, take photos, have a laugh. Going to the same class with a friend will also prevent you from falling asleep. With friends, everything is better. And in college, you will meet your future BFFs.


When you graduate from high school, you might feel nostalgic because you will be separated from your childhood friends. Everyone goes to a different college, and you feel you won’t be able to socialize again. There’s no need to worry. You can hang out with them every week, the same as before (I still do it). You can all meet up to have coffee, lunch, pizza, or a beer during the week (if you’re in a local college) or weekends when you come home. 


Exercise? What’s that? If you are part of the 99% of young people who don’t last more than a month at the gym, don’t worry. Enjoy eating, you only live once. I am not telling you to pig out at Shake Shack every day, but if you’re active during the day, that should be enough. You walk to the bus or train, go up and down stairs, and run around campus. You can eat healthy and it doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Prepare a big salad and a small dessert while you relax in the evening (you’ve already done your studying, right?). You need calories to recharge. On weekends, enjoy the sun and ride your bike with your friends, if you’re lucky enough to live in a nice climate. If not, hit the gym.  Student memberships are cheap.  


It can be either the least or the most important thing. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed (or bored), the moment you treasure is crawling into bed for a good night’s sleep. But if your day is positive and productive, and your evening social, you may not get more than five hours of sleep. Either way, there’s always coffee to wake you up to start a brand new day.

Sleep Meme

The secret to having fun through your college years is easy. Imagine yourself alrea dy graduated. How do you want to remember them? Make the most of life, and live in the present. Do it with passion and enjoy the little moments that take you out of the routine that some make you feel obliged to follow. I guarantee there is time for everything, and if you want to, you can have it all. 

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