Divided Nation

Divided Nation

For some time now, we have had red states/blue states. It wasn’t always that way, but ever since the 1960s, the divide has become more tightly drawn.

For some time now, we have had red states/blue states.  It wasn’t always that way, but ever since the 1960s, the divide has become more tightly drawn.  This election season has gone further, and the line in the sand has become a chasm that is now too wide to cross.  We have angry and enraged citizens on either side who are further incited by the candidates who choose either to encourage violence, or refuse to call a halt to the viciousness coming from their camps.

One of the privileges of being an American is that we have the right to protest and speak out against our government.  Within the past half century, one of the most legendary demonstrations of public rage occurred at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago when the crowd erupted into a violent outburst.  The ‘60s were a time of incredible turbulence – civil rights, women’s rights, and anti-war protests that often turned into riots.   Since then, there have been demonstrations against various focuses, but none have become as violent as those in the 1960s.

Taking all of that into consideration, we are now faced with a nation so divided.  On either end of the spectrum, we have candidates who are speaking to the frustration and anger of Americans who have been the victims of corporate greed, ineffective leadership, and a congress whose main objective has been to challenge reason by rejecting everything our sitting President has proposed.  All of these factors are the ingredients for a revolution in the making.

If we compare our present times to the ‘60s, we know there are obvious differences.  We are now living in a culture where mass shootings have become commonplace.  Weapons are available to everyone with a credit card and a desire to kill.  We have internet exposure that can incite a riot with a much further reach than someone screaming into a bullhorn on the Capital steps.  So the ability to create a violent rebellion against either side of the electorate is only a tweet away.  

This summer promises to be a hot one when it comes to pent up emotions on both sides.  We are already seeing a preview of what’s to come in California border towns between citizens opposed to the racism and xenophobia they are hearing from Trump and his supporters.  Bernie keeps talking about “revolution,” and both candidates are reluctant to tell their angry hoards to “settle down.”  

Hillary appears to be the only adult in the trio of candidates that are left after the insanity of the past few months of primaries.  She’s focusing on the domestic and international issues that are within the purview of a President.  She’s not name-calling or spewing testosterone across the airwaves.  No!  She’s developed a plan that will improve our lives and keep us safe without beating her chest threatening nuclear war, or walling our country in.  But she is facing an uphill battle because of the antics of the media hounds on the extremes of both parties.

So the election of a President this November will be decided by who gets the biggest ratings rather than who has the know-how and experience to do the job without isolating the USA from the rest of the world.  It’s a sad, sad commentary on how uninformed and pathetic the electorate has become.

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