The Best East Coast Vacation Spots

The Best East Coast Vacation Spots

The East Coast is renowned for its summer vacation spots (hint on the summer part… winters are more than cold in most east coast states) mainly for the beautiful beaches, historical sites, and natural preservation.

The East Coast is renowned for its summer vacation spots (hint on the summer part… winters are more than cold in most east coast states) mainly for the beautiful beaches, historical sites, and natural preservation. Being a native from Rhode Island, aka the Ocean State, I have traveled much of the East Coast myself exploring other beaches and enjoying the beautiful sites of each and every place. While many of them have the same characteristics, there’s a variation in culture, weather and, of course, price. From Maine to South Carolina, here are some of the best places on the East Coast to travel to.


Newport, Rhode Island

In the smallest state in the entire country, there’s tons of sand, salty air, doughboys and quahogs. With many beautiful bridges, good seafood and amazing sunsets, Newport is well known for its historical mansions and cliff walk. Uncommercialized, like many of the East Coast spots, it stands in a most natural state with little shops and a ferry to Block Island, another little beach getaway where a car is not a necessity!


Montauk, New York

This beautiful beach and town very close to the Hamptons has countless hotels along the beach and enormous waves, along with beautiful beach sunsets and horseback riding along the coast. With only a very short walk of a mere few minutes into town, there’s lots of shopping, cute little ice cream parlors and restaurants.


Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

This little island is well known for being the Kennedy’s vacation spot. With its historical site, the Gay Head Cliffs, it’s a must on the East Coast top 5 list of vacation spots. There is even Alpacas in Island Alpaca and little “Gingerbread House” cottages in Oak Bluff Campground! Holding the title for some of the best sunsets in New England, it also has the oldest operating carousel in the country, Flying Horses Carousel.


Hilton Head, South Carolina

Known for being preserved in its natural state, Hilton Head has many outdoor activities and places to explore. With golf, kayaking, ziplining, hiking and every other outdoor activity you can imagine, you can do it all at Hilton Head and even see dolphins along the shore! With many beautiful homes to see and the beach to sunbathe on, it’s a great place for people of every age, and there is even a Disney resort on the island.


Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is much like Hilton Head in the fact that it is mostly in its natural state and has many outdoor adventures to pursue. With great surfing, boat tours, a Whale Museum, and the oldest standing house from 1686 on Nantucket, there will never be an empty day. It’s also well known for its beautiful lighthouses, particularly Great Point.


Outer Banks, North Carolina

There are endless amounts of crazy things to do on the Outer Banks, not to mention that most of it is sun and sand… literally. It’s known for not being overcrowded, has lots of shopping, kayaking, mini-golf, go-karts, sailing, snorkeling, and some areas even allow driving on the beach. Let’s not forget that there are moments where you may see wild horses!


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod has endless amounts of beach to explore, great nightlife, and many little towns and shops to wander through – Provincetown being one of the most popular. I remember my favorite part of Cape Cod as a child was the amazing Whale Watching! Truly amazing and unforgettable. Amazing bike trails, lakes, and the historical Chatham, Cape Cod offers tons of fun.


Kennebunkport, Maine

Prominently known as the Bush family vacation spot, Kennebunkport is a quiet little getaway comprised of a small town with streetside shops, a beautiful harbor, beach, and many lighthouses.

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