All Organic Everythanggg

All Organic Everythanggg

Organic products are slowly taking over my vanity set (and I’m not mad about it). A few months ago, this lovely store, Brooklyn Groove, caught my eye. I couldn’t resist the light blue decor and all natural products. The store owner is fantastic.

Organic products are slowly taking over my vanity set (and I’m not mad about it). A few months ago, this lovely store, Brooklyn Groove, caught my eye. I couldn’t resist the light blue decor and all natural products. The store owner is fantastic—she has vast knowledge of almost every product they have just from her own use of it. She is pretty generous with samples as well! Though I have only purchased a few products from there to date, I’m here to tell you about my favorites!


Starting from left to right in the picture above:

  1. Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner: This line of hair care is unreal. 100% natural, vegan, and sulfate free. It is a natural cleanser derived from coconut oil and rahua oil which is found in the Amazonian rainforest. Rahua oil is a restorative oil that claims to gently cleanse your hair without stripping color as well as repairing hair follicles and reviving the scalp. Pros: I love the smell of this stuff—it’s light and nutty. It really gets my hair clean and my scalp feels so refreshed! The conditioner is amazing—it makes my hair soooooo soft yet it’s not too heavy. My hair has never been softer, shinier, and bouncier!! Cons:  The price tag is quite steep at $30 a pop, and the shampoo doesn’t lather as much as I’m used to which makes me use more of the product.
  2. Ecobrow: Ladies, it’s time to swap your Anastasia brow products for Ecobrow’s defining wax. It’s the only brow product your brows need to look on point. I wasn’t blessed with naturally beautiful and full eyebrows, so I’m one that wants to enhance them to look as amazing and natural as possible. Ecobrow is a mineral-based, paraben-free product by brow guru Marco Ochoa. Pros: Firstly, the product being 100% natural, paraben-free and even containing Vitamin E is a huge plus since I know it won’t be irritating my skin. It has a creamy texture that glides on your brows perfectly! It is an easy application (with their very own angled brush) and it is by far the longest lasting brow-wax on the market! My brows literally look perfect all day. The best part? Makes them look very natural—no outrageous colors or textures. Thanks to this product, people will literally think you were born with perfect brows. It comes in 4 different colors 🙂 Cons: Nothing
  3. Acure Marula Oil: I am a facial oil addict! I have tried at least 30 different face oils and this one is by far the best. For those of you who don’t know, Marula oil is the new oil in town (see ya Argan oil). Marula oil is harvested in South Africa from a nut that’s found inside marula fruit. It is known for hydrating and healing your skin to the max since it is high in omegas 6 and 9 and other antioxidants. It helps fight acne, scarring, wrinkles, sun and environmental damage. It is extremely hydrating and much more lightweight than Argan oil, so it doesn’t clog your pores either! Pros: This product is vegan, gluten, sulfate, and paraben free! The only ingredient here is all natural Marula Oil. It is insanely lightweight and sinks into my skin right away, which makes it great for daily and nightly use! I always used to have these stubborn old acne marks on my cheeks that would not go away after trying everything out there. After just 1 use of this oil, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement. Weeks later, my skin is much softer, my skin tone is evened up, much more moisturized, and virtually almost every acne scar I had is gone! This oil has literally saved my skin and I cannot praise it enough! It is only $15 too 🙂  No cons about this product at all—keep up the good work Acure!
  4. One Love Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion: BEST BODY LOTION EVER! How have I not known about this product before?!?!?! Okay, so this product claims that it is formulated with organic, virgin coconut oil (for skin conditioning properties) and is paired with mineral rich Atlantic Sea salt (a natural humectant to help retain water from the air for enhanced skin hydration). Pros: The most hydrating yet lightweight lotion ever! It makes your skin feel luxurious and luminous but not greasy at all! This product sinks into my skin right away and makes it feel soft and hydrated in an instant. It doesn’t really smell like anything, maybe a light hint of coconut, but I don’t mind it. I was a huge Molton Brown fan, but I felt like their lotions stayed on top of my skin instead of really sinking in like this one. The packaging is adorable as well. Cons: Wish I got a bigger bottle for the price—this product may run out fast.
  5. Angel Face Botanicals Rock Star Detox: Our skin needs a detox every once in a while too! This product helps wash out toxins in your skin and rejuvenates your cells. This product is an organic blend of herbs and minerals that make you emerge as a new being. The Lavender, Rose and Sweet Orange balance in here help balance your emotions and clear you of stress. Fennel, Juniper Berry, and Rosemary are known to help detoxify your skin. Pros: Wow, just wow. I emerged after a 20-minute bath of this stuff as a new person! I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, my skin glowing, and my mood happier! This combination smells divine and what’s amazing is they give you a reusable cloth bag to put the herbs in before throwing it in the bath resulting in no messy clean ups! You just have to remember to shower off after this bath. Since it does have detoxifying properties, it’s bad if you keep it on you too long. It’s very colorful and fun to look at as well… just draw a bath and enjoy 🙂 No cons on this product.
  6. Lavender Ranch Lavender Oil: As I said many times, I am an oil fanatic and this oil is no exception! Lavender Oil has a plethora of health benefits such as pain relief, calming the nervous system, improvement of blood circulation and digestion, etc. I personally like to use this oil for my scalp! It is known for preventing hair loss, increasing hair growth, conditioning hair, and helping treat a dry or itchy scalp. I only add about 1-2 drops of this oil to my shampoo and start massaging my scalp for a few minutes. Rinse, lather and repeat without the oil. Condition as normal and then dry your hair. Pros: My hair is much more voluminous and fuller since lavender oil is known to prevent hair loss. It also calms my scalp and helps me sleep better at night. No cons at all! It’s a cheap and effective way to improve the condition of your hair.
  7. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in pure vanilla: Many people are unaware of this, but our favorite CVS deodorants like Secret contain harmful chemicals like Aluminum. Just read this article about all of these dangerous chemicals found in our most popular deodorants before you think about buying them again.

Lavanila is a 100% natural product with no parabens and no aluminum! Pros: It glides on easily and doesn’t produce gross white-marks. It’s also very light on your skin and smells heavenly! It’s hard to explain it, but my underarms actually feel better after using this product for weeks. Cons: It’s pricey compared to typical CVS brands, but you get what you pay for here.

Moral of the story: Though organic products are sometimes quite pricey, they are much better for your own wellbeing. Go out to try samples and read reviews of products if you aren’t sure what to purchase. But from my own experience, I have seen a huge improvement in my skin and wellbeing just from swapping out bad products for good ones 🙂

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